Station Update 2012

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Work carried Out in 2012 include:

  • A 220 meter section of HV cable on Braye Common was replaced.
  • A new HV connection between Battery Quarry Sub-station and Le Rochers Sub-station was installed.
  • The old pole 17 switch was removed from circuit on the scramble course
  • The HV connection from the Grand Hotel site to the Dairy Sub-station was made (the remaining connections and changeover from the old Sub-station to the new Dairy Sub- station, are planned to be completed before Christmas)
  • The commissioning of new switchgear and fault protection settings in the new Dairy Substation were completed.
  • A new feeder pillar has been installed and 120 meters of overhead lines have been placed underground in the Marette area, the removal of the poles are planned for completion before Christmas.
  • The completion Of major maintenance program of PX3 has been carried Out successfully in approx 8 weeks this will enable us to run this generator for another 10000hrs until the next major overall. Major maintenance on two fuel tanks has been carried out as part of a new rolling program
  • The changeover from Paxman generators to the smaller Blackstone generators began after the Easter holidays to improve efficiencies, these ran until just before Alderney week. This produced good overall efficiencies for the summer period.

A summary of the generation statistics to October 2012 is as follows compared with January to October 2011 :

  • Total production down 3.5% • Station usage down 12.2%
  • KWh dellvered to the Island down 3.5%
  • Unplanned outages: 30 minutes Island wide. Essex Castle 450 minutes due to lightening strike.
  • Efficiency of production kWhfltr increased from 3.59 to 3.61.

The ongoing trend of reduced demand on the Island is due to customers replacing white goods and lighting products to more efflcient models, and greater awareness in the use of electricity.