Power Outage 22nd January 16

Good afternoon, you might have noticed we lost power across the island for about 30 mins at
lunchtime today. May I suggest to those of you who are looking after properties that are
currently empty, to check that their trip switch has not triggered and the power to the property
came back on. Could you also spread the word to others in the same boat. Thank you.

For those who are interested in such things, the cut was caused by a high temperature alarm
which automatically shuts off the active engine.

We have to check the fault and send engineers out to the substations to switch the grid locally;
we cannot bring the power back if the whole grid is live. We bring up the standby engine and
progressively switch the power back on. I am told that from alarm to full power took 28 mins.
The last time this happened, November 2014, it took 40 mins, but then it was dark.