Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to do is fill in the form below and hand it into our office. Alternatively, if you're having issues with our form. Don't hesitate to contact our office.

Account application form NEW 2024

To set up a standing order, click the linked 'Standing Order' Form, fill it out and hand it to your bank.

NEW Standing Order Request 2021

You're in luck! Please click the link below to acquire the 'New Standing Charge Form'

NEW Standing Charge Form 2021

You can find the 'Oil Agreement' form below. Please fill in and hand into our office.

NEW Oil Agreement Form 2021

You can sign up for a 'Planned Oil Delivery Service' by filling out the form below and handing it into our office.

NEW PDEL Form 2021

Before being connected to the supply, you need to download and fill out the 'Schedule of Apparatus to be connected to the Supply' form.

You can download from