what you should do if your electricity supply fails

There could be a number of reasons for this:

      1. Your trip switch may have operated due to a fault in the house or on an item of equipment being used at the time the trip switch went off
      2. There may be a power cut or network fault in the area
      3. The main service fuse may have failed
      4. Slot meter may have run out of money


First check your trip switch, this should be situated next to your meter or fusebox

Remember on this type of device:

          • Up position is ON
          • Down position is OFF


If the trip switch is OFF (down):

Try to re-set it back to on. If the switch trips off immediately, you have a fault in an appliance or in the wiring of your property.

Leave the trip switch off, unplug all appliances, switch off thing like your oven, hob etc

Try to re-set the trip switch again.

If is stays on, one by one begin to switch appliances back on. By this process of elimination, you should find the faulty appliance. Leave that appliance unplugged or switched off and call your electrician. If the switch still refuses to re-set, double check that all equipment has been disconnected. If everything has been unplugged or switched off and the switch will not re-set you may have a fault in the wiring. Do not attempt to trace the fault yourself, call your electrician.

If the trip switch is ON (up):

If possible check with your neighbours to see if they still have electricity. At night look outside to see if the streetlights are on. If everywhere is off, then there is probably a network fault or power cut.

If your neighbours still have their electricity supply and you appear to be the only house without supply, the Company?s main service fuse within the property may have failed.

If this happens during normal office hours call 822715 to report the problem. Outside normal office hours, call the emergency number, 822155.

If Alderney Electricity electricians attend to faults on our own equipment the service is free. If, however, our electrician attends to a fault that proves to be within the customers own property or equipment then we will make a charge for attendance.

Useful Tips In A Power Cut

Always keep a fully charged torch or a torch with fresh batteries in a readily available and convenient place. Food in the freezer should keep for about 48 hours without power. Do not open the freezer door unless you have to. If food has thawed do not re-freeze. You may be able to claim for any losses on the household contents section of your home insurance policy.

Unplug all appliances, particularly sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, satellite systems, videos, TVs, telephones and answer phones because when restoring supplies momentary voltage fluctuations can occur which are beyond our control.

These may damage such equipment.

Install suitable protective devices on sensitive electronic equipment. Leave one light switched on. This will let you know when the supply has been restores. Once supply is restored remember to re-set all timeclocks.