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Alderney Electricity Limited began in 1938 as the Alderney Light and Power Company.

In 1940 the island was evacuated and for the next five years was occupied by German Forces. At the time of the evacuation few homes were connected to the supply, most being lit by gas.

During the occupation the German Forces installed electricity to the whole of the island, and when the islanders returned in 1945 they found most of their homes now had electricity.

After the war the electricity company was run first by the British Army and then the States of Guernsey, eventually in 1952 it was agreed that Christy Brothers of Chelmsford was take over the running of the company with the States of Alderney and the States of Guernsey together with some private individuals and the Christy family being shareholders.

This was the case until 1979 when the Christy family pulled out and the States of Alderney appointed an independent Board of Directors to run the Company.

The Company is still run by a Board of Directors, with the States of Alderney being the major shareholder.

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Moving to Alderney, or changing address?

If you are new to Alderney, or moving address, you will need to apply for electricity and oil to be supplied to the property. You are required to complete an Application and Agreement for Supply of Electricity, together with the Standing Charge Assessment form.