Electricity charges

Applicable from 01.01.2017

Scale A

Flat rate 30.38 pence per unit

Minimum charges applicable to Scale A £7.60p

Every consumer is required to pay, as a minimum in respect of each separate service, a minimum quarterly charge in addition to meter rent

Scale B(1)

Water heating flat rate 10 pence per unit

Terms and Conditions of Supply applicable to Scale B

  • All Water Heating Apparatus intended for use under this Tariff must be of the storage type and approved by the Company and must be permanently wired on a separate circuit.
  • Electricity used under this scale will be metered seprately for which the standard meter rentals will apply.

Scale B(11)

Storage Heating (Off Peak Tariff) Flat Rate 10 pence per unit

Under this Tariff supplies of electricity are restricted to "Off Peak" hours, namely 11pm to 7am with mid-day boost from 12.30pm to 3.30pm (one hour later during British Summer Time).

Scale C1

Domestic Two-Part Tariff 17.81 pence per unit

Fixed Quarterly Standing Charge up to 6 assessed rooms £6.97p per room

Next 4 accessed rooms £5.25p per room

The minimum assessment is the equivalent of 3 rooms

Rooms 250 sq ft or more count as 2 rooms

Meter Rentals (Charges except where otherwise stated)

Single phase per quarter per meter £1.45p per meter

Three phase per quarter per meter £4.35p per meter

Slot Meters

Slot Meters are available for normal domestic:

use equivalent to Tariff Scale A 38 pence per unit

use equivalent to Tariff Scale B(1) 28 pence per unit

Fuel Cost Component

The above unit charges are subject to an additional Fuel Cost Component which is dependant upon the wholesale price of Gas Oil. Current price is: 15.71 pence per unit, which you will see a corresponding line with the A R E Subsidy being deducted with effect from January 2017.

Security Deposits

Deposits will be charged at the rate of £500 per private dwelling for tenants of property whether furnished or unfurnished. Commercial premises will be charged at the rate of £1500 per property.

Alternatively consumers may arrange to pay by monthly Standing Order, but should there be any default on payment, supplies will be disconnected immediately without notice.

Reconnection Charge

A charge of £100 plus any amount in arrears will be made for the reconnection of premises disconnected for non-payment of accounts.